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Howdy! I know what you are thinking... I want a good community where I can find semi-new players or advance players in a game (Valorant, Apex, Overwatch, LoL). Mythril got you! Not only we have what you are looking for, but we also have a great community full of coaches, teams, and social games just to chill in! Come join today! :D
3 weeks ago

Active, organized, and friendly server, been here almost two years now and have felt welcomed from the start :) always someone to play with for a variety of games. Mythril is unique as it is always looking for input from it's members to help better the community. The management works hard and really cares about creating a fun and welcoming environment for everyone, as well as keeping engagement up with LFG tags or discussions. There's a little but of something for everyone in this server.
3 weeks ago

This gaming Community is amazing! It's almost been a year since I joined and not only is it my one stop shop to play games with nice, chill people, I also have made many friends. I always have someone to play Apex with and any other games I like, IE. dead by daylight, phasmophobia, party games, SOT and more. They have weekly events and movie nights! There really is a sense of community in Mythril and one that is welcoming and non toxic. I'm glad to be a part of it and would recommend you join too! :)
3 weeks ago

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Have you been looking for an fun, friendly, and adult (18+) gaming community?

Then we're the gamers you’ve been searching for.

Mythril is an extremely active community for Overwatch, League of Legends, Apex Legends, & Valorant (we average over 25,000-minutes of cumulative daily voice activity between our games). Our members also love to mix it up with Among Us, Jackbox, Phasmophobia, Dungeons & Dragons, and more.

And no worries about being new - all of our members receive the same game and event invites! This inclusion has also driven our social experience, where our members share their music, artwork, pet pics, gaming clips, fitness regimens, etc.

Mythril also offers weekly events, coaching, merchandise, social media, and an extremely organized and caring community.

We welcome each new member with a group Meet & Greet, where you’ll get set-up, introduced to everyone, and most importantly - get invited to games!

Join now and attend a Meet & Greet - hosted nightly Tues-Sun @ 9PM E/8C/7M/6P (no app/rsvp needed). If this time doesn’t work for you, please let us know in our #guest-chat.

We look forward to meeting you!


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Created on May 26, 2021

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