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About Team Xiled International

TXI was originally an idea in 2005 on Combat Evolved with a group of local friends in Austin, Texas. The

group wanted to host organized LAN parties and tournaments at local high schools. Hosting local

tournaments and event became the norm for a short while until Xbox Live changed everything. The idea

of LAN only tournaments became history and a new age of expansion was upon the gaming world.

Over the next four years, a sole member of the group R3X continued to participate in, manage and

create other tournament-based communities on Xbox Live that still exist today. Team Xiled, which

ended up being R3X’s crown jewel, existed and operated on its own under a different umbrella of clans

before officially launching as a stand-alone brand/company in 2009 with over 2300 active members.

The decision to break-off and become its own entity was due heavily on morals, work ethic and beliefs.

During R3X’s time over TXI’s operations, he was also a college student and bartender. His experiences in

running TXI played a role in his graduating from Texas State University with a BA in Mass Communication

with a minor in Business. With those qualifications, R3X continued applying his knowledge into the

operations of TXI. While TXI had a loyal and loving following of people in the online gaming space, TXI

had also built a reputable brand in the gaming industry through affiliated vendors, sponsors and MLG

events. Hand in hand, the experience of running an online community and his education being applied

to the brand made this possible.

TXI built even more notoriety by Co-Hosting After Parties with other prominent orgs at MLG Events.

Providing banquet rooms and casual LAN parties at the MLG venue for spectators that weren’t playing

professionally, which proved to be a beneficial for networking and getting to know other gamers.

One of TXI’s most valued traditions was the inception of the “Dirty Crew”. Which become synonymous

with the brand publicly. Around 25 Leaders/Members played on gamertags that shared the word “Dirty”

in their name. (Example: TXI DirtyR3X 1). The History of the “Dirty Crew” stems from multiple personal

references, the first was R3X being born on his Grandfather’s birthday. His Grandfather known for swing

dancing skills, acquired the nickname “Dirty” which was then passed down to R3X in relation to their

shared birthday. The second seemed pure fate, R3X having once been a prominent leader in the clan KSI

was originally recruited into the clan by leader known as KSI DirtyDog 7. So, it just seemed natural to

incorporate Dirty into his gamertag also, which over time prompted requests from other members that

liked the Dirty tag and thus…the “Dirty Crew” was born.

As the requests to use the Dirty tag began to grow, standards were placed to ensure that the honor was

reserved for active and loyal members; the most elite of TXI. Those standards included having to be

approved by at least 5 current Dirty Crew members, be a registered and active member of the website,

knowledgeable of the rank structure and history of TXI, be an example of TXI’s core values and

represented those values online in a professional and positive manner. If those standards were met,

then the member was automatically inducted into the Dirty Crew and was permitted to use Dirty in their


What made TXI a quality destination for all gamers was its sense of camaraderie. The community’s

impact on game lobbies created a sense of intimidation, curiosity, respect and recognition. With TXI

members frequently gaming together, seeing an entire team of TXI gamertags on the opposing side of a

match made for a fun experience win or lose.

Aside the unique causal experience for members, TXI also remained true to its original roots of

competitive gaming. At the peak of Modern Warfare 3, Team DeFy was the official pro-team for TXI.

Active in tournaments through Black Ops 2 and COD Ghosts, Team DeFy proved to be a successful team

having won matches against various professional gamers. They also held Top 20 accolades in various

categories such as Team Win/Loss Ratio, Kill/Death Ratio…etc.

Fast forward to present day..Equipped with a rich history, while also standing side by side with Xiled

Syndicate. The desire to provide a positive and quality experience for gamers has never been larger.

With the new generation of gamers, TXI will continue to thrive with the original formula that made it

one of the most sought after and prominent places to game. Team Xiled International is officially back

and here to stay.



Created on August 19, 2020

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