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Hello i am THX-1099 and i am starting a esports league for Teams and clans to compete in! It is like sports so it has a Schedule, standings, playoffs, records and rosters! if you want more details Email me at or visit the website at ​its new so it has no one but ive contacted a whole lot of teams and they said they would respond soon
1 month ago

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About The Final Brigade (TFB)

Why Join The Final Brigade?

TFB is a small gaming community brought to you from an amazing group of individuals who want to create an amazing, fun loving, Family to game with. The People here are passionate about making gaming a fun experience. You can go and join one of these large groups and might have more people to hang with but what we have to offer is genuine friendship and love so come join TFB and help us write the history of this amazing community.

Now you ask what if I'm not in a gaming mood today but I want to talk someone? In our discord we have chat rooms so you can sit and chat away the day. Maybe you had a bad day and just need to vent most people would be willing to let you vent to them and let it all out.

Do I need to rank up to have fun? Absolutely not! Ranking up in TFB is 1000% optional and whether your a casual member or a high ranked officer everyone is welcome to join a chat room or a gaming party no matter their rank.

What if the TFB server is slow and people are busy? TFB is affiliated with Xiled Syndicate this means that you can utilize all they have to offer along with what TFB has to offer like getting a two for one!

Only Requirements are you need to be over 16 years old and you need to have discord if this sounds like something for you feel free to apply and someone will reach out to you within 24 hours guaranteed



Created on May 17, 2021

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