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By @admin
On March 3, 2021 at 10:24 am

Hello, everyone!

We are working on some big things here at the Find a Clan HQ, and we will be sharing exactly what that is pretty soon - Let's just say... Your mind will be blown. However, when making big moves like we are now, it requires a lot of changes to the core structure of our platform. One of those changes being the introduction of

What is Clan.ID? We're so happy you asked!

Clan.ID is a new service for clan account management (owned by us). This platform will allow for you to manage your account, as well as manage your clan, from one central hub.

Why is this needed? Okay, okay.. Picture this:

Several tools exist out there for clans (again, we can't go into detail yet) and you want to sign your clan up for "said" tool. With as your account service, imagine one-click logins and signups into all of these "said" tools. With, you can also create your clan, update that clan's information, and more, while all of that is reflected on "said" tools at the same time. No more having to update your clan's details here, then going there, etc.

What are the first steps?

Another great question, you guys are good! - The first step we will be taking is here at Find a Clan. Since this was our first tool that was developed, all accounts will start from the data here. We will be converting all of our user accounts over to, and your FAC login details will then become Clan.ID accounts. (No worries, all of your data is safe, and there are no security concerns around it). We will soon give you an exact date of when all of this will take place.

What changes will happen on Find a Clan in general?

A lot of what's happening is behind the scenes, however, 2 major changes you will notice on Find a Clan's platform is in the login & signup pages. Instead of having inputs where you can login, it will simply be replaced with "Login with" or "Sign up with".

Our main goal here, at FAC, is to provide our users and clans with the best possible experience. With that said, a lot of time is being spent on the development of the platform to insure a smooth transition to the setup. Once converted, we will be completely open to any support issues. Thank you to everyone who has played a part in the growth of this platform. It has brought light to all of the tools that are lacking in the clan world, and we're excited to break into that area.

Thank you all on behalf of everyone who helps run Find a Clan,

Irate (Matt)

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